Hello...I'm Jerry Dean Swanson, a Master Gardener from Princeton, WI.  Since 2001, I have been designing and creating my steel garden-inspired interpretations of the Bottle Tree...which I also believe makes an interesting accent to our gardens!

I guarantee my trees to ALWAYS stand straight and they will probably last longer than you or me. Guaranteed!
No assembly required.

Merry Christmas!

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Because of Covid...I only ship one day a week...on Fridays.  The USPS, FedEx, and UPS Drivers thank you!  They are working so hard!

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I am proud to say my trees are planted in all 50 states.  Also in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan in Canada.  Add Jamaica, Philippines, and Great Britain.

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24-bottle Lotus Bottle Tree

18-bottle BottleBrush Bottle TreeSALE!

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3 Ft. WindBlown Bottle Tree

Crooked Bottle Tree

Hanging Bottle Tree

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Rainbow Bottle Tree

Pine Bottle Tree

6 ft. WindBlown Bottle Tree

5 ft. WindBlown Bottle Tree

CatTail Bottle Tree

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Freesia Bottle Tree

BottleBall Bottle Tree

24-bottle BottleBrush Bottle TreeSALE!

Hanging Plant Bottle Tree

12-bottle Mini Bottle Tree

Saguaro Bottle Tree

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Wall Hanging Bottle Tree

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Large Cedar Bottle Tree

4 Ft. WindBlown Bottle Tree

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Gazing Ball Bottle Tree

Happy Frogs

Small Cedar Bottle Tree

Cedar Bottle Tree

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5 ft. WindBlown Bottle Tree

9-bottle Mini Bottle Tree

Sapling Bottle Trees

Corn Shock Bottle Tree

Corn Shock Bottle Tree

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Bird Bath Bottle Tree

200-bottle Bottle Walls

Wall Rack Bottle Tree

275-bottle 84-inch Christmas Bottle Tree

Bird Bath Bottle Tree

Blowing Bush Bottle Tree

Swirl Bottle Tree

4 Ft. CatTail Bottle Tree

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