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I'm Jerry Dean Swanson,
from Princeton, WI.
Since 2001, I have been designing and creating my original steel interpretations of the Bottle Tree...which I believe makes an interesting accent to our gardens!

Take a look at my BOTTLLE TREE GALLERY.  You'll see ALL of my images. But be patient while the thumbnail images load...there are many!

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Hundreds of original designs to choose from...made with solid USA-made Steel!  All Bottle Trees are available with or without bottles.

I guarantee my designs to always stand straight and they will probably last longer than you or me!

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I ship my designs FedEx...twice a week.  Delivery in 2-3 days!  Trees shipped on Tuesdays are delivered by Friday.  Trees shipped on Fridays are delivered by Wednesday.

I am proud to say my trees are planted in all 50 states.  Also in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec in Canada.  Add Jamaica, the Philippines, and Great Britain.

FYI:  Steel costs have doubled!

Recently, I re-ordered steel to discover my steel costs have exactly DOUBLED from what I paid last year.  I have always demanded USA-made steel for many years...I am very proud of that fact.  Now, my supplier tells me, as a result of the new import tariffs both threatened and imposed, he is seeing steel prices making jumps in costs and he expects prices to rise a few more times this year.  Just sayin'.

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