Bottle Tree Sale

Spring Sale!

Get FREE Cobalt Blue Bottles!

And FREE S&H for the bottles!
When you purchase the

5 ft. CatTail Bottle Tree

Stands 5 ft. above ground and holds 12 bottles.
One-piece...No assembly required.
The S&H for the tree averages between $20. and $38.
(Lower 48 States only please)

You will receive twelve of my 750 ml
Cobalt Blue Hock Glass Bottles Free...and shipped Free!!

I use steel of sizes up to 3/4 inch in diameter.  I guarantee my designs to stand straight without falling over...the ribbing on the steel adds strength to the branches.  And I prefer the steel unpainted, and think the rusting metal adds its own color to the design and the aging.

Special Spring SALE!

CatTail Bottle Tree with my Enamel Painted Bottles

I ship FedEx twice a week and the delivery is in about 2-3 days.

I guarantee all of my designs to stand straight and they will probably
last longer than you or me!

You will also receive a copy of "My Bottle Tree Story"
and my "Planting Tips"

The 5 ft. CatTail Bottyle Tree with my 1.5 L Cobalt Blue Wine Bottles.

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