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I believe Bottle Trees add something unique and unusual to our gardens!

The bonus is the charming Bottle Tree Story, which you may share when someone asks..."What are the bottles for?"

WindBlown Bottle Trees
SALE--$45.00 OFF
My Customer's Favorite!
3-6 ft., 12-24 bottles
More Photos and Prices

No Assembly.
USA-made Steel.
All designs are unique.
All heights are above ground. 
I guarantee my designs to stand straight and will probably last longer than you or me.
All Prices are Without Bottles

I offer hundreds of designs.  May I make something Special for you?  Email me...

And Damn!  I recently placed an order for steel. 
Cost was $1500.00.
The same order last time was $700.00.
So...Now what?  Plan B?

My Customer Comments and Photos HERE...

My Bottle Tree Story HERE...

FedEx Shipping Charges for the Average Bottle Tree:
Special Handling-Oversize Fee...$24.80
Fuel surcharge...$6.60
Residential surcharge...$6.80
Covid surcharge...$3.00
Add that total ($41.20) to the normal transportation Charges.
WOW, eh?