Bottle Tree Saplings

2, 3, and 4-foot Saplings

12 Saplings $79.99
You get four 2-ft., four 3-ft., and four 4-ft.

18 Saplings $109.99
You get six 2-ft., six 3-ft., and six 4-ft.

24 Saplings $135.99
You get eight 2-ft., eight 3-ft., and eight 4-ft.

Which Saplings?

No Assembly.
USA-made Steel.
I guarantee my designs to stand straight and will last longer than you or me.  Guaranteed!

You also receive "My Planting Tips"
and my "Bottle Tree Story".

Do you want some 5 and/or 6-ft. lengths?
I can do that!
The S&H would not be free, so I would need your shipping address to quote you the FedEx shipping.
Email me here...

So pretty in the snow, eh?

I have this on each side of my driveways!

My General Planting Tips HERE...

I guarantee my Bottle Trees to ALWAYS stand straight and will last longer than you or me.  Guaranteed!
No Assembly. USA-made Steel.
All my designs are original and unique.

This is up by my house!

I drilled a hole in the top of each fence post...inserted a sapling and bottle!

Be Safe!