These designs are too big to Ship...
but...Anything is possible...Smiles.

Sorry...But the Bottle Tree design you chose is not available online...probably because it is too large to ship...or it would cost so much to ship.  We would need to talk first.  Smiles. 

But I probably have one in my gardens that is for sale.  And if I do not...I could always make something for you.   And you are certainly welcome to visit my gardens if you wish.  You'll get a free tour...smiles.

We also make the occasional trip to central Michigan to visit family, so I have been known to deliver or combine trips in the Midwest area along the way.

Have something in mind? 
What were you thinking?

Email me here...

Corn Shock Bottle Tree

Saguaro Bottle Tree

Hanging Chandelier

Blowing Bush Bottle Tree-FROZEN!

Bottle Tree Arch

Lori and I enjoying a rest at the pond!

Bottle Wall

Hanging Chandelier Bottle Tree in Wisconsin

Corn Shock Bottle Tree

I guarantee my Bottle Trees to ALWAYS stand straight and will last longer than you or me.  Guaranteed!
No Assembly. USA-made Steel.
All my designs are original and unique.

24-bottle Lotus Bottle Tree

Bottle ArchWay

Bottle ArchWay