Bottle Tree Creations by Jerry Swanson

Wine Bottles

for your Bottle Tree or Project...

My Wisconsin Badgers
Wind-Blown Bottle Tree
And yes...I have a tree to honor
the Green Bay Packers too.

New LOWER Bottle Prices for 2015!


All of the Cobalt Blue Bottles are new!
Other Colors are Recycled Bottles.



See All of My Tree Designs here...

Colored Glass Bottles

Color / Style

Order ONE Here
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Quantity In Cart)
8 oz.
Cobalt Blue

They are small compared to the 750 ml bottle.


750 ml Hock Style
Cobalt Blue

New Low!$2.00

750 ml Hock Style


750 ml Hock Style



A case of 750 ml bottles contains 12 bottles...and will cost about $22.00 to ship.
You may mix or match colors and styles to make a case.
You may also order less than 12 bottles if you wish.


750 ml Claret Style
Cobalt Blue
New Low!
750 ml Claret Style
750 ml Claret Style

The colors are fun!

The opaque color is a sprayed-on enamel paint...
and will scratch easily if they are not handled carefully.

Note...the colors and enamel paint will remain bright on the sides of these bottles for several years, but the paint on the bottoms of these bottles might flake off sooner.  Maybe it's due to the more direct exposure to the Sun?  Painting glass is kinda unreliable because of the smooth surface.  Without sanding (roughing the surfaces, paint simply does not adhere very well to glass. One way or another, my experience with these colored painted bottles has been pretty good...but they will never last as long as colored glass will. 
I have tried many of the translucent colored bottles you may see available on the Internet, but they look good for the first year...they fade the second year...then they turn opaque and the sprayed-on coloring flakes off...leaving a very ugly bottle.

If you really want a good translucent colored bottle, it NEEDS to be made with colored glass!  Although, they are harder to find, and can get very expensive.  For example, did you know real red glass is made with gold?       

Purple $4.50
Candy Pink $4.50
Berry Pink $4.50
Sun Yellow $4.50
Real Orange $4.50
Key Lime $4.50
Apple Red $4.50
Nutmeg $4.50
White $4.50

The above opaque colors are fun when used for the Holidays!
I have a tree which has red and green bottles for Christmas, pink, yellow and purple bottles for Easter, and red, white, and blue bottles for July 4th.  And of tree in red and white for the Badgers and one with the Packer's Green and Gold!

CatTail Bottle Tree
with the new 1.5 L Cobalt Blue Bottles
I have only 12 of these 1.5 litre very heavy bottles me for details.



Rosebud Bottle Tree

BottleBall Bottle Tree
It looks pretty in the snow!

Pyramid Bottle Tree

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