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I am a long-time gardener, who appreciates the outdoors and thoroughly enjoys getting dirt under his fingernails.  I did my Master Gardener training in Green Lake, WI, and appreciate the knowledge every day!

BUT...Most of all, I look forward to the time spent sitting back and ENJOYING the sensual rewards of all the effort--and just by chance--that time happens to coincide with my "Sapphire and Tonic Time".  How convenient!


Originally from the Madison area, I now live in the woods with Lori, Alice, Bailey, Bird #1, and Bird #2...near Princeton, Wisconsin.  Lori is a City Girl from Grand Rapids, MI...who is quickly becoming a Country Girl. 

My Secret Gardens are quite informal and rough around the edges..."but they are comfortable".  

We have a small pond with flowering lilies and many other pond plants.  The Fishies are happy and say Hi.  This will be the Koi and Goldfish's 9th summer...and they are getting BIG!  Although, there are fewer of the large Koi.  This Spring, I spotted a Fisher raiding my pond.  It had completely taken all of my babies.  They all had names, would eat out of my fingers every morning, and the oldest would have been eight-years old this year.  I cried. 

Loiri and Jerry

Something New for Your Garden
From Wisconsin!

Since my first designs in 2001, I have interpreted the Bottle Tree Tradition with several styles of my unique welded iron trees.  Yes...I also wear a welder's hat!

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  Jerry creating a Bottle Tree
Being Creative!

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Daisy Bottle Tree
Daisy Bottle Tree

Bird Bath Bottle Tree


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Something New for Your Garden
From Wisconsin!




So...we have purchased new baby Koi and are starting all over again.  We are already working on their names.

I have a Hosta collection that numbers 448 varieties.  There is just enough garden to be able to keep up with the weeds...most of the time anyway.  My garden plan is--NO lawn to mow...just gardens to enjoy! 

My Bottle Tree inspirations come from the plants and flowers...and my green thumb comes from my Mother.  You should see HER gardens!


Happy Frogs at the pond


  I have my trees planted in all 50 states, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec, the Philippines, and Great Britain!

I use steel of sizes up to 3/4 inch in diameter.  I guarantee my designs to stand straight without ever falling over...the ribbing on the steel adds strength to the branches.  And I prefer the steel unpainted, and think the rusting metal adds its own color to the design and the aging.

I guarantee all of my designs to stand straight and they will probably last longer than you or me!


Dancing Crane Invisible Creature


Mini CatTail Bottle Tree


64" Christmas Bottle Tree
64" Christmas Bottle Tree
This is my 64" Tree, with a diameter of about 45", with bottles. The tree holds 100 bottles and has over 500 welds.
This tree is too large to ship.  It sells for $450.00.  It's beautiful in the dark!


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Bottle Tree Creations
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